HTS announces the sales release of the P.CORDER

01_Front_300Haas Training and the german start-up company Pixel2Media have announced the release of the P.CORDER for the Swiss market. 

With the presentation recorder p.Corder everybody can generate great recordings of any presentation, conference or lecture without expert knowledge and the need for expensive studio equipment or post processing action and expenses. This device is quiet and portable and travels easily to any event that is worthwhile to be captured.
The P-Corder is the easiest to use mobile presentation recorder in many markets. It provides professional solutions for education, lectures, training, simulation, small and large conferences, product presentation and corporate marketing and training.  In addition it also fits into other fields like secu­rity, transportation, medical, industrial and IT.
The P.Corder sets up a broadcast quality recording for anybody anywhere – a conference room, a convention center or an office and creates a cutting edge video presentation in the very moment it is presented in front of the audience.

Der P.CORDER ist da!


Haas Training Solutions stellt zusammen mit dem Hersteller Pixel2Media den P.CORDER vor.  

Mit dem kompakten P.CORDER – System nehmen Sie kinderleicht Ihre Präsentation auf. Einfach den „Record“-Knopf auf der Fernbedienung drücken und der P.CORDER erfasst zwei Videosignale (Präsentator und seine Präsentation) und verwandelt diese in ein einzelnes

Video.  Im Anschluss an die Präsentation stecken Sie den USB-Stick vom P.CORDER ab und laden diese auf Ihre Website, oder Youtube.